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dispenser toy is ours!

Lucky for us my parents read my blog and my Dad loved the idea of the dispenser toy when I wrote about earlier this month! He is a grandpa to nineteen kids and has handed out a lot of quarters for vending machines so he saw the appeal of a simple wooden version as I did. ^_^ Anyways its Emma’s early birthday gift. Yay! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

I knew it would be hard to find but eventually ordered it from a UK company called The Kid Who. All the the shops were oversees and had high shipping fees so I chose one that seemed reasonable. It came quite fast, arriving about a week later. I also ordered these which look so cool.


We took it out of the box and Emma happily helped me take all the wooden pieces out of the bags to fill the bowl. I screwed it on and showed her how to turn the star to make the pieces come out of the hole. It took her a while to not want to turn it counter clockwise as soon as it became harder to turn and I encouraged her to use more than one finger. Finally she got the hang of it.



Later after she got all of them out she started sorting them and returning them to the baggies that they were shipped in. I tried to convince her to put them in the dispenser again but so far she is not keen on this idea. Every day she sorts them into the bags, her stacking boxes or the muffin tin. There are three special pieces that stay together because they are all different and the others are sorted by color and then sometimes broken into smaller groups. She amazes me every day!