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blueberry cinnamon oatmeal multigrain pancakes!

I have been in a pancake mood lately and making pancakes at home is both fun and satisfying. I have this big bag of Arrowhead Mills multigrain pancake and waffle mix that I have been using for what seems like forever. It was really a good purchase. The cool thing is that all you need is water and a bit of oil but you can add soymilk, fruit, spices to it and it makes even more glorious. Lately I have even been adding oatmeal to the dry mix and it is so delicious. The “pancakes” I made today were more like little oatcakes because I added a lot of oats—and soymilk, blueberries and lots of cinnamon. Healthy and always delicious with a bit of agave syrup. ^_^

Loving Stephanie Levy’s collage art! Here is Coffee and Pancakes. Lots more in her etsy store.