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rainy day


Since its been so dry lately we jumped at the chance to go out in the rain-and use Emma’s rain boots before she grows out of them!


We walked to the garden to see how lovely all the plants and trees looked in the rain. Our own garden plot looked fresh and green.



We looked for tadpoles in the pond, but they were too hard to see with all the rain drops.



And we walked to Whole Foods for popsicles. ^_^

rain clouds over the lake


It rained for a few days. It was fine except for one time I wanted to go out on an adventure. It was Friday afternoon and my plan was to go to S.F. Unfortunately I was soaked within a few minutes of leaving the house. The wind blew water at me and the easy-to-carry-in-my-bag umbrella I chose to bring kept blowing inside out. I thought I would be fine in my leather boots rather than my Tretorn rain boots and even my socks got wet. I suppose if one has good rain gear, then one should use it. I ended up hiding in Whole Foods, having not made it downtown or to a movie theatre or any other cool place to hang out sans child. At least they have sticky buns and hot drinks. ^_^