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winter solstice and schooling with Emma

We have been focusing on winter and Christmas lately in our home schooling. It is the coldest and longest night of the year but I don’t think any amount of wishful thinking will bring us snow (which is definitely for the best since our ceiling is still torn up in the bedroom!). Talking about driving a Gig car up into the hills to look for some snow for the afternoon some day soon.

Learning about why snow is white in Mystery Science.

Watching the Snowy Day.

Reading White Snow, Bright Snow.

Listening to Lullatone’s album Winter Whispers on repeat.


my favorite music

I just realized that I listen to 3 songs that pretty much sum up my favorite music sound.

First is by Lullatone from their Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures album called “the best paper airplane ever.” You should listen to it right now. Its short, just follow the link to Lullatone’s site.

Second is The Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s song “Perpetuum Mobile.

Third is by the Books called “Classy Penguin.” I don’t know anything about the Books except that a big music lover recommended them to me. I like this song a lot, and I think that its a funny coincidence that I also love penguins and they have been mentioned twice now.