2 thoughts on “Reading Yotsuba

  1. Hi! I randomly stumbled on your blog when I was looking for information about the toddler garden at Lake Merritt. Looked through some of your posts and realized that I think I’ve seen you and your daughter around at the lake and Fairyland! My daughter is only a year old but loves people watching so I’ve been more observant of the families around town too. Anyway, your family seems lovely! Nice to e-meet you, neighbor! You can check out my family photos at my Instagram (it’s private but I’m always happy to add other local moms) — https://www.instagram.com/melodeedeedee/

    1. Thank you for commenting! Your baby is so cute. That is funny that you recognize us from the neighborhood. We do spend a lot of time by the lake. ^_^ We should meet up some time. I find it hard to meet other moms even though we have lived in Adams Point for almost four years. Thanks for reaching out and I do hope that you get a garden plot!

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