Emma has been at her desk

Emma has been at her desk for most of the day working on a scholastic pre K workbook.

Emma has been at her desk for most of the day working on a Scholastic preK workbook. It has been raining a lot so an inside day felt appreciated. It is pretty amazing how focused one can be when we really want to work on something. We did not ask her to do this, it is what she chose. I love that she can spend her days choosing what she wants; playing, working on writing letters and their sounds, building with Lego, creating and telling stories, drawing pictures, playing games and reading all day long. All of these things are so important to her development but she doesn’t know that. She just knows that learning is playing and playing is learning. As far as workbooks go, she is just now figuring out how to follow them. She traced letters, matched upper and lower case letters and colored by number all on her own and was so glad that she could. I remember enjoying workbooks before I went to school also. Emma Clover loves to have work to do. I should really keep up with her helping more around the house while she is still so interested. Sometimes I would rather do all the dishes and be done so we can move on to the next thing but I know that soon she will not want to be such a helper. I appreciate these rhythms though and feel it is a part of what makes school at home so beneficial. The little ones learn and help out and have a skill set that they would not have time to pay attention to otherwise. I look forward to so much more baking with Clover, something fun and tasty but also a lifelong skill. Bread can really be a slow process but then you have this amazing thing that you have made, cheaply and healthy. Slowing down is always my goal. Slowly and steadily at our own pace.

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