3 thoughts on “Christmas presents were delivered today!

    1. Yup! She picked out a Lego garden set as a present and had been anxiously waiting its arrival. She loves the Duplo but I am wondering when she will be ready for the smaller size. What size do your littles use?

      1. A (5.5yrs) is loving the normal Lego size now. F (almost 4yrs) is more comfortable with the Duplo, but she plays with the Lego because big brother does. 🙂

        They both sometimes want to still play with Duplo, and it appears to be because they can build something ‘big’ in a short timespan. They can build a Duplo train in ~5 minutes, but doing that with the smaller Lego takes much longer.

        All that to say, both get used at our home.

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