whoa! ten years as a blogger


I have been blogging for almost ten years now! I began with Vox and then began posting on my own domain here at susanmagnolia.com! In the beginning I was going through a major life change. I moved to Berkeley with friends and became a student again. I studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and lived happily in my “Honey and Clover” style home full of creators. We were all taking classes, building websites, creating package design, drawing, painting, sculpting, making comics, animating, fine tuning typography and having fun messing about. I loved going into the city and it still gives me such a thrill to visit. I devoured everything and honed my sense of design.

Then I went back to work. I missed working with children and very much enjoyed doing freelance design work on the side. It was a nice balance for me. maiki and I moved into our cottage and soon decided to have a baby. Then again my life changed dramatically. I eventually stopped working and taking on any design work to take care of my own child full time. It is the best and hardest work of all. My design minded blog became a place to share Clover with faraway family and illustrate our Bay Area life. Now my baby is almost four years old and I know that this blog will continue to evolve as my life does. I want to home school and I constantly read about educational theories and practices ranging from the classical methods to the unschooling approach and everything in between and beyond. I want to travel and learn about the world by seeing more of it and experiencing different cultures and landscapes. I will learn as I teach and see everything with new eyes. I want to share as much as ever and I am happy that this space is already eclectic enough that I feel free to do that. This is my experience and I love my collections here. Thank you blog (maiki!), and readers for stopping by. ^_^

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