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I am noticing a new level of maturity in Clover. She has recently leveled up in all areas of her development! She is learning so much and so quickly that I find myself just holding my breath, so captivated by all of the newness.

She is trying to teach herself Japanese and we recently picked up some books at Kinokuniya to help us along. Her awareness of language and the written word (english) is also growing daily.

She is attending a music class and loves trying out all of the instruments. She holds the cello with care, bangs on the drums to a beat and practices how to blow hard enough to play the trumpet. She sings scales and remembers things that she learned in class the week prior.

We went to a bubble event that the library held and she wanted to stay for the whole thing. While other children around us were getting frustrated and giving up with the bubble mixture and the hand made wands, she stuck with it and did it over and over until she made big bubbles. And she did not cry when they immediately popped or had to take turns.

Using the potty while we are out and about is getting easier and easier. I am less paranoid about accidents, even though I still pack like I need diapers, wipes and extra everything. I have not used any of these supplies in weeks.

The last time we went to the museum we stayed the whole time in only one exhibit and only left to use the bathroom. I noticed that I even had time to actually look at things. I took this picture of her with headphones on in the “I am Oakland” exhibit after she had sat there for ten minutes (and how cute is a three-year-old in headphones!).

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  1. Hi Susan & Emma! I love these pictures! I love the cello one 🙂 She’s gonna be a smart gal; you’re a great teacher and encourager! Love to you both <3 Ginny

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