hello autumn

brian ferry photo by Brian W. Ferry

I have some thoughts on the changing season, and there are all good ones. I am definitely ready for a change. Ready to transition Emma to learning more, but also ready to rest and take things more slowly. My brain was full and excited for summer and now I want to relax and enjoy autumn fully. To take in the changes of weather and landscape, and of Emma’s growth. I want to slow down my pace and cuddle up at home. I want to have more routine and cook more. I want to take things more slowly in tech and in real life. I cannot describe it exactly but it felt good when I closed my Instagram account. I felt even better when I decided to use my phone less and and actively not check it every five minutes. I was more present again—even though sometimes I am in my head, at least I was not staring at a device.

I always crave more routine when September comes. We enrolled Emma in Music Together and so far I like it. We are attending the second class tomorrow. Mostly I have to sing a lot and she will be exposed to music and instruments. The class is small which is nice but my voice is definitely heard by the four other adults in the room. ^_^ I started a new class with Ed/Ex as well and I am really looking forward it. The class is about the Science of Happiness and taught by a couple professors from UC Berkeley. I am pretty sure that I have found what I need to be happy and that the only thing that I lack is reflection. I need to practice saying, or writing what I am thankful for every day so that I can internalize it. I am re-reading a book about Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson. It is one of my favorites and gives me inspiration. The first time I read it as a teacher and longed for the opportunity to practice the ideas presented in my own home. Now I have the opportunity and my child is old enough to really speak up and be a member of our family. It is amazing to watch a child grow. I know that although we are close she is no longer a part of me. I am fascinated by how fast she changes. Her new favorite book is Dr. Seuss ABC and it feels like she is already so grown up and on this trajectory that cannot be stopped, or slowed down so I am going to have to slow down so that I can savor every moment.


and hello pumpkins!


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