First three years, in stuff


Emma Clover is almost three now! At the end of year one I cataloged all of the things we actually used. It was also amazing how many things went unused. The products that lasted through the next year also are truly the pieces that I can recommend.

Baggu zip bags. I love these so much and they are no longer for sale on the site. Excellent for bringing wet and soiled clothes home. I keep clean clothes in them and then change her and bring the wet clothes back. Excellent quality bags. To buy check in with Baggu again later or you can probably purchase in boutiques. Here is link for Crate & Barrel.

Summer Infant Changing pad. I use this pad daily while we are on the go. It folds nicely into her small backpack. Less than ten dollars and held up for three years.

Skip Hop frog backpack. We got it from Target and it is her diaper bag on the go. Fits over the handles of her umbrella stroller and carries sunscreen, diapers, changing pad and extra clothes.

She loves all of her blankets but the favorite is a cream colored acrylic blanket that is super soft and like all of her blankets was received at my baby shower. We really love her owl comforter from Muny that she actually gets to sleep with now that she is a big kid! Now she sleeps on her crib mattress on the floor.

These newer items have been my favorite this year:

Diaper cream of choice is still Weleda and for wipes we switched to Kirkland (a box comes with 900!) but still love the Lasinoh wipes. Baby wash is Burt’s Bees. The lotions we use are Honest and California Baby calendula cream (both gifted to us). Toothbrush and paste from Tom’s. Sunscreen from Jason.

Stainless steel tumblers from the eco store. Similar to these. They are great for little hands. We all have one for water and they are great. We first used them at Samovar Tea lounge and decided to get some for ourselves.

For footwear we like Saucony sneakers, Saltwater sandals, and Croc rainboots.

I buy her clothes used and second hand as much as possible, but do buy leggings and pajamas new. I love these Carters pj sets.

Books that we have are All the World, Wave, One Sunday Morning, Oh What a Busy Day, In the Small Small Pond, Jamberry, When You Were Small, Rain Talk, Jon J. Muth’s books and every Richard Scarry book ever written.

Emma’s favorite toys are kitchen utensils, a doll, stuffed animals, a tea set, wood blocks, matryoshka dolls, a train set (from Ikea), and collections of buttons and beads, and a ball to throw around the living room. We have a bin of beans and rice for sensory play and she loves to paint and draw. Crayola washable crayons and watercolors are the best for two-year-olds.


Not sure if this update post helps anyone but fun to catalog!

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