thinking about cold weather

John and Sherlock

Photo from the beloved BBC Shelock found here.

I love browsing the internets for apparel. Today I am thinking about how fun it would be to dress up for weather if we lived in a cooler and wetter place, like London. ^_^

Coats for us all! A raincoat for Emma and one for snow. Nice wool numbers for

and maiki.

Emma loves to walk around in my rain boots. She goes with me down the hall to the laundry room trying so hard to walk in my giant shoes while holding onto me (or the wall). Here are some that are her size. And of course we need umbrellas. Kids love umbrellas. Emma speaks longingly about ours and wishes I would let her play with it more often.

grand hotel misurina

And here is a photo of the Grand Hotel Misurina in Italy that I found here on Pinterest, just for fun! ^_^

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