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We moved to Adams Point in Oakland. Its been so fun getting to know our new neighborhood. Lake Merritt is such a cool landmark and surrounded by neat attractions like a bird estuary, nature center, playgrounds, libraries, boating, lighted paths and Children’s Fairyland. We are near a Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s and Safeway. Also the farmers markets are wonderful. It will take us ages to visit all the restaurants, bars and cafes in the area. The first visit we ate at Arizendi and were so happy to know that we would be soon living nearby. Today Clovey and I bought a family year pass to Fairyland. We love it! We meet new families every time we go outside it seems and for that I am grateful.

Some of these pictures have already been posted but were added for context. The apartment is on the third floor and we spend our mornings sitting in the sun on our tree lined balcony. The living room is still pretty empty. The bedroom is carpeted and then covered in rugs, blankets and pillows since we ditched our bed frames and gave away our king size mattress. Clovey is about to outgrow her crib mattress so we will make a trip to Ikea soon for some mats to add to the comfort of our sleeping situation. The kitchen is so nice and large and we love the granite counter tops and open kitchen floor plan. Emma thinks the best part is the “ellalalator.”

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