magnolia photo booth and a clothing obsession

renegade 2013

Here are the cutie pictures that Diana and I took in the Magnolia Photo Booth at the Renegade Craft Fair on saturday. The fair was so fun but we arrived at Fort Mason right when Emma needed to nap. We got coffee at the Four Barrel tent and took our snacks over by the water to eat. maiki decided to take Emma for a walk so Diana and I could explore the fair. I loved it but some how missed the Another Feather booth (just to gaze). Also I decided that next time I would like to invest in an article of clothing. There were so many cute pieces!

A new and very large thrift store is opening near my house and I am a real sucker for thrift shops (cue Macklemore song here). I find nice things but also bring back pieces after I tried them out a few times. It helps me to hone in on my style. I like the premise of sharing and providing work through recycled clothing. Despite my love of textile and clothing I loathe the fashion industry overall so I wear and buy for Emma and I primarily used clothes (and sometimes shoes too).

Dosa has the lovliest clothing. I followed a link and then had to look at every collection. Definitely full of inspiration.

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