I have been taking in a lot of internets while breast feeding and finally had a moment to note some favorites as of late.

  • My friends are hecka talented! Jason’s new piece “Torn” is pretty fantastic. And Justin recently revamped Frog Hollow Farm’s website and for Halloween created this adorable illustration.

  • I think Tweed Runs are so cool. Also I am really enjoying hot tea these days (with caffeine!) with Paris tea and Trader Joe’s Cinnamon & Vanilla Black tea being in heavy rotation. Especially enjoyable while listening to Professor Elemental sing this song.

  • I made this recipe for vegan pumpkin bread and it came out perfect. Sort of forgot the walnuts and used olive oil instead and it was delicious. I still have pumpkin left over so I can make pumpkin soup next. I use a super simple recipe from the Fanny Farmer cookbook.

  • Brian Ferry has a book out. I really love his photography and look forward to his blog posts. This Starbucks campaign he did with Stephanie Congdon Barnes and More & Co. is total perfection in my book (not that I would expect anything less from these creatives). One of the images has been my desktop image since it was posted and will probably stay that way for months.

  • Loving the calendar selection on Etsy. This illustrated fruits and vegetable calendar from The Little Canoe tells you what is in season that month. Claire Nereim also has a calendar and gorgeous posters that highlight California produce.

Brian Ferry

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