prepping and waiting

I think that we are ready for baby Emma Clover’s arrival. I have been gathering, organizing and cleaning like a mad woman. We bought a diaper changing table at Ikea, a moses basket with a babies r us gift card and received a car seat from a wonderful family. Shopping for staples in the kitchen and filled my new glass cannisters with split peas and quinoa. I set up the cloth diaper service and made appointments to meet with our doulas and her new pediatrician. Got a massage too! I think that I have got everything covered. ^_^

Oh yes, and one more exciting thing- we purchased a Canon EOS Rebel digital SLR camera! Its super rad and we both knew that we couldn’t have a baby without an awesome camera to document everything! I am very happy to have finally made the jump to a digital SLR. I had pretty much the same camera before but it used film and was super bulky. I switched to a hand held Canon SD 1000 digital Elph for years and it has been a trust worthy little camera. This new one is so much more fun to use because it has an actual lens (and I have even more lenses that fit). I can’t wait to take a million pictures of my sweet baby!

One thought on “prepping and waiting

  1. Susan, I am so excited for the two of you. I miss you tons and I really wish I was there in the hospital with you when little Emma arrives. I love you tons. I love your logs too by the way. Thanks for sharing. All my hugs. xoxo

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