six months

Here I am into my 24th week of pregnancy. Looking and feeling pretty big now. Everyone around me notices and gives away such good energy. People on the street smile. Its is a warm, fuzzy feeling. And I can feel baby Emma Clover kicking me all the time now! She is most active when I am washing dishes, right after dinner and when I lay down to sleep at night. maiki is dying to meet her! He always talks to her and gets so excited to feel her kicks. I am becoming a bit more anxious about the new few months. I am starting to feel a lot more growing pains, as my body stretches to make room for the growing person inside me. Sleep is becoming less wonderful and more achy. I dream that I am stiff and in pain. It is weird, but everything about pregnancy really is. The end of this journey will be a happy one. The miracle of life is worth all the strange symptoms. ^_^

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