soft things and shades of gray

It all started with my favorite pants, these gray sailor pants I got from Anthropologie last fall. They were soft and so comfortable and the color seemed to just go well with everything. I found another pair that were quite similar—yet a different brand—around my birthday. Then came the Mr. Rodger’s sweater. I added some Hue knee socks in gray and black stripes and realized that I was beginning to obsess over every gray scarf, blanket or whatever it was that I saw. Now everywhere I look I see a lovely soft shade of gray and it looks so inviting.

When the Toast UK house & home catalog came in the mail I drooled at every picture, especially the one of the little tabby on a stack of wool blankets. When autumn comes along all I want to do is curl up, be warm – and have a furry cat to sit in my lap.

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