name change process begun

After 1 year of procrastination I have finally decided to brave the courts again and filed paperwork for my name change. I had purchased a book at Nolo last fall before they closed their Ninth St. store and this week dusted it off and finally read through it. The book was a great resource and easy to follow. I wish that I had bought a book like this when I was filing my divorce paperwork. It would have saved me lots of time and tears of frustration.

Today I took the Bart to Lake Merritt and went to the Alameda courthouse to turn in my paperwork. They line was not terribly long, the people were super friendly, and the process was painless. The filing fees of course are pricey but it is worth it to me. Now I have to wait until spring of 2009 to actually be done with it but I am glad to have begun the process. More to come regarding my productive week!

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