Sunday: pizza and bike ride

I made a vegan pizza today for Blue because it was her last day visiting Cloud Ninth. This one had bell peppers, onions and olives and it came out perfect. It is amazingly easy when you can use pre-made dough—Trader Joe’s has the best— so I end up making them pretty often. Later Jason and I went for a bike ride up north along the bay. We made it to the Richmond marina before turning back. The sky was clear without a cloud to be seen. It was beautiful day but we were disappointed to see all of water taped off with signs that there had been an oil spill. There were still lots of birds in the water but many have died from the contamination which depresses me. I do hope that the clean-up goes well.

0 thoughts on “Sunday: pizza and bike ride

  1. Almost completely randomly: hi omg boots! 😀

    But then you reminded me of the pizza. Mm, pizza. I had some of Roomie’s leftover pizza today (’cause I still sorta had the craving, after yours was so tasty), and it kinda fell flat.

    I think you’ve spoiled me. D:

    Oh, and. Geez. I didn’t even hear of the oil spill until the woman sitting next to me on the plane home mentioned it. :/

  2. We didn’t really know about it either until the bike ride. The news Jason heard played it down.
    Glad I could spoil you with home made pizza!

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