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love this

So I’m not really into celebrating Valentine’s day but there are two kawaii things that I want to share that are sort of related. First are the Rilakkuma notes that I purchased the last time that I went to Kinokuniya Books. They have a really wonderful collection of San X things there and Rilakkuma is my favorite. These particular notes were surely designed for Valentine’s day but the signature red and adorable nature is not unlike their usual style. Do you remember celebrating Valentine’s Day in elementary school? It was my favorite school holiday for sure because I loved finding the perfect cards, writing + drawing all over them, stuffing them with candy hearts and the stickering them shut. When I was younger (and to this day) I loved paper, handwriting and candy so it was the perfect day for me.

On Saturday, the actual day I ended up traveling to San Jose with my special someone on the train. We were there for the bicycling festivities, to take pictures for SVBC. In the afternoon we vistited Penguin Froyo and I got the yummiest treat ever: peanut butter cup gelato with heath bar crumble. Wow. I have had gelato once before and it wasn’t anything too great, but I will make sure that I return to Penguin Froyo for a visit when ever I am in the area.