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Take your time

Joseph Cornell

Yesterday I went to the SF MOMA after class. A of A students can get in for free and it is like 2 blocks away. Win. First I visited their cafe and had a jam-filled scone that was awesomely delicious and some ginger tea. It was decorated very cool and honestly I could have stayed there for hours, but I was sure that the museum would close before then. The first exhibit that I visited was the work of Joseph Cornell. I had never heard of him before but instantly fell in love with his collage as art style. He creates these wonderful little cabinets of curiosities that are magical. Next I went to the big Olafur Eliason presentation called “Take your time.” It is hard to explain but it is like a cross between a science project and interpretative art. I felt like a small child experiencing sensations like weather, color, space, and reflection for the first time. I swear that I spent the whole afternoon grinning like a loon. I highly recommend visiting the MOMA if you are ever in the area, and “Take your time” will be shared until February 24th. It is not to be missed!

Olafur Eliasson