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Imperfect Produce, our new CSA

We joined the CSA Imperfect Produce and it has helped us to get a whole bunch of produce to us really easily. They actually deliver it which is so awesome since we are car free. The post should really be entitled how we are eating more melon because it is delivered to our door. So much of what we have ordered is not in plastic but a few things have been, like bunches of small lettuces and carrots. I will probably just avoid ordering those items in the future since they are light easy to get. We all really appreciate that we can pick out exactly what we want online and not a mystery box of extra items to try to incorporate into our meals. I am really happy with the service so far and am a little curious as to why they are imperfect since to me they look great to me and not too wonky. I am relieved that the food is not going to waste and we sure are happy to eat it.