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favorites on Etsy right now

Millefiori art glass pendant. I have one that I thrifted and it’s so beautiful. The colors of this one are so lovely and my little Clover really wants one to match mama.

Cute brown boots. I cannot help always wanting more cute booties!

Wood block Moomin figures. We just finished reading all nine of the Moomin books by Tove Jansson as a family and Emma Clover really wants these figures to play with.

My favorite new piece of artwork, commissioned by my niece Claire from her Etsy shop. It’s a lovely addition to my home.

If I had an etsy shop

If I had an Etsy shop it would look like Professor Tiny’s shop for sure. Small vintage toys, precious little things and pretty dishes to play with. Thank you Professor Tiny for making it happen. There are so many great vintage spots on Etsy. Ethanollie is another gem. I want this item badly

I really want to visit a swap meet now. I know the Alameda one is popular. Judy let’s go!

3 pigs and sugar bowl.