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ways we are trying to consume less plastic: grocery trip on Hopkins Ave.

I planned a play date that would end up with us shopping at the Monterey Market and the shops near by. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my smaller reusable bags but was still able to manage. At Monterey Market I chose fruit and vegetables that did not need to be put in anything. However I really wanted to get some french lentils from the bulk bins so I used a paper bag that was provided for the mushrooms. A paper bag also proved useful for holding green beans as well.

Next was to get bread from the Hopkins Bakery. I was happy that they had bread that was not already bagged and asked if they could give it to me in paper instead of giving me a plastic bag. Turns out they don’t paper bags around but they came up with butcher paper that they use for wholesale orders and it was a good fit. I was really surprised by this because we always gave people whole loaves of bread in paper bags at the Bread Workshop where I used to work and I am now realizing that the Bread Workshop was progressive for having plastic alternatives for everything. I learned a lot just being there and took it for granted that not every bakery and cafe was as aware of the many eco-friendly options.

At the Country Cheese Company I inquired about a half wheel of cheese that was brought out. Turned out to be sheep’s milk so I bought half of it. They had paper to wrap it in and I assured them that it would go into glass when I returned home and they seemed pleased enough at my decision. At the register they wanted to put it in a plastic bag but again I insisted I would be fine getting it home as is. Funny that this a common conversation that keeps coming up. Overall the trip was successful and I was happy to get so much yummy sheep’s milk cheese to eat. ^_^