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cinnamon bread pudding

Today I was craving the french toast from the Tomate Cafe in Berkeley. It is the best because they use Semifreddi’s Cinnamon Swirl bread that is already amazing by itself. I have recreated this french toast at home but always have to stand at the stove such a long time while making it that I just decided to try making it into a bread pudding. Now bread pudding is already good but when made with this cinnamon twist bread it becomes otherworldly. For the bread pudding I used the old fashioned Betty Crocker recipe. I did omit the raisins and put it a bit less sugar. Also, this recipe calls for only one quarter cup of butter rather than the baked french toast recipe that I looked up that asks to use half of a cup. I don’t usually make any recipe that calls for a whole stick of butter so I much preferred the bread pudding route and I am glad that I made it. ^_^