January 2022

Time goes on and you realize that the first month of the year has passed and you were sick the whole month. This is my long covid existence. I came down with it on new year’s day and have no idea what to expect moving forward. I want to cry but I already did that. I am just tired (so much fatigue) and having a bunch of weird symptoms that doctor’s cannot explain yet except say that I have covid. Yup. That is only thing that I do understand. But I am also a mom of the most beautiful, creative, smart and hilarious ten-year-old and am still homeschooling. Thanks to an enormous effort by maiki we have made it to February and Emma keeps learning and going to field trips and classes and we have groceries. I can do around the house stuff in small bursts. I have the subjects I am teaching and we do a lot of reading, to each other and independently. I manage to take Emma down to the bonsai garden where she volunteers and I sit in the sun until we walk back up the hill. This and the weekly farmers market have been the extent of my leaving the house. Of course January also included a lot of isolating until I tested negative for the virus. I am not sure how life will proceed. Now it is February and I have a new team of medical help at Highland Hospital. My orientation visit is not until March but I visited the urgent care to get the ball rolling. Many tests and blood work will be done and hopefully they will have better feedback than I have covid. It is a mysterious virus and the medical field is still perplexed on how to treat long covid patients. Hopefully my next update is that the virus has run its course and I am feeling better every day.

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