ready for a change

I know that I am not the only person who is experiencing this phenomenon but after twelve months of living in a city during this pandemic I am definitely ready for a change. I need nature and I want a place for my child to be free. We are stuck in an apartment and outside there are too many cars, too much noise (don’t get me started on the fireworks) and not enough space for any of us. I used to love this neighborhood but now that I have felt imprisoned within it I am worn out. But I am thankful too. We have visited Lakeside park at least three times a week for seven plus years. Emma Clover grew up always visiting Fairyland. We frequented all the museums and libraries we could. I appreciate so much all the kindness shown to us by the people who have made up our community. It’s been a glorious walkable neighborhood but now I need to grow some new leaves, to make new friends and find new adventures. ❣️

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