Watching The Big Sick with maiki. I hope that Kumail and Emily win the academy award for best original screenplay. That would make me so happy.

Reading “The Lake House” by Kate Morton. Really looking forward to warm sunny days and garden picnics now more than ever and the weather keeps getting colder.

With Emma, we are reading “Jenny and the Cat Club” (also known as “The Life and Times of Jenny Linsky”) by Esther Averill and it is so sweet. Next we have “The School for Cats.”

Listening to the Beatles and singing every tune from memory. As a teen I listened to the radio program “Breakfast with the Beatles” and it turns out I still remember it all.

Drinking coffee and eating my fresh baked bread with almond butter. It is my favorite food forever. Also wanting to try out more bread type recipes, maybe pita next.

Dreaming about what it would be like to visit this 12th century villa. I would love to get passports for us this year.

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