2018 so far

We had a lovely beginning to 2018, enjoying a stay cation of sorts. We visited our favorite cafes, took long walks, ate out a lot and spent loads of time together. We bought a new griddle pan and finally got Emma a twin bed. We took a road trip to the Mitsuwa marketplace in San Jose and stocked up on groceries and sweet treats. We drove to Alameda and ate a great bagel place and maiki and Emma played at an arcade. 2018 was the best of times, until I got sick.

This whole lovely holiday time I have been advertising how I have not gotten sick in ages. Emma could cough in my face and I would be just fine. Unfortunately I got all the sickness. Chills, headache, vomiting, body aches, chest and sinus congestion, sneezing, runny nose, etc. The super flu apparently includes every symptom. And then my phone died.

I kept meaning to back up my photos. I even remarked that I should actually start using the new removable hard drive to back up files soon. I am pretty sure that I lost five whole months of photos that I will not be able to retrieve. I am thankful now that my Instagram posts auto post here to this blog or I would be truly morose. So new phone, no apps, no B.S. or Google tracking. Maybe I will even use a walkie talkie.  🙂

Bright side: its Magnolia Season!



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