Mr. McGregor’s garden at Fairyland

Mr. McGregor's garden at Fairyland

Lately the world of Peter Rabbit and his friends has wholly fascinated Emma. For the first time at Fairyland she recognized the characters and their environments today and she was so thrilled. In the mornings we watch a BBC made version, that was created in the nineties, on YouTube. Her favorites involve Peter and Benjamin and their hijinks into Mr. McGregor’s garden, and Lucy’s visit with Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Jeremy Fisher. I think that she actually enjoys being frightened by the perceived danger that the rabbit’s face, going where they shouldn’t be, but there is one episode where the little bunnies are kidnapped by a badger and a fox that culminates with a fight between them that makes her quite uncomfortable. We read Peter Rabbit to her all throughout the day and before bed. Her little brain is trying so hard to memorize and make sense of the stories about all these anthropomorphic animals. Thank goodness for Richard Scarry and her other favorites books that she loves so I can get some variety! She is very much a typical (almost) two and half year old who loves to enjoy the same things over and over again.

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