inspired by these makers

Fog Linen Work is well know for their linen fabrics for the home but they have clothes as well that is so beautiful! Also I was so happy to hear they are opening a brick and mortar shop in Cambridge! Yumiko Sekine has such a great eye for design.

Michelle Armas painting are where its at for me. I think that I am going to purchase a print of hers soon. “Pop Rocks” really caught my eye. This article was a fun read.

Lily Stockman is another artist girl crush of mine and her project Block Shop with her sister Hopie is visually fantastic. I love all the styles and colors and process photos of their scarf collection. I visit the gallery on their site often for visual stimulation.

Gisele d’ Ailly van der Gracht is a publisher and artist who lives in Amsterdam. I come back to these photos of her place again and again. I suppose I secretly hope to be this cool when I am older.

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