all better now

For more than two weeks I was flat on my back. This had happened before but never quite as bad, and this time it was in the middle of my spine at the base so I could only lay down. If I stood up my body leaned one way or the other which made it worse. I tried to eat like a normal person but could not sit in a chair and my back hurt so much that standing wasn’t really in the cards either. I laid there trying to drink tea and soup and toast and whatever maiki brought me and try not spill it all over the bed. I cried a lot because it was the most helpless feeling. I thought how I really want to remember how much it sucked so that I could really appreciate my health when I was better and be nicer to my body. I watched What the Bleep Do We Know again, watched all of the Continuum that is out and played a lot of Sudoku. I died a little every time maiki spoke since everything he says is funny and that hurt like hell. maiki had a mountain of work to do but he took great care of Emma and myself and my nieces Maggie and Elizabeth took off work and came over one week to help out too. I slowly got better and could go out and do things as long as someone took care of the heavy lifting that involves my thirty pound, twenty month old baby. Today I lifted Emma for the first time in a while. I missed it. I am thinking I am going to need to do a lot more stretching though, and yoga, and probably sit ups. Here is to good health!

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