Emma’s stuff

Emma's stuff

So this is her set up before she will sit in the high chair to eat breakfast. She has to lay everything out on the chair next to her. I at first assumed that it was so I would not take something and put it away. More likely its because we are never without our phones/tablet/laptop/camera so they must be important. She patiently makes several trips to deliver these items from one part of the cottage to another.

This kid cracks me up. She is a collector and most toddlers are I suppose. But Emma collects the funniest things! Previously it was the yeast packets I bought to make bread. Now she has been attached to the heater remote. She carries it all over the place, even outside the house! Someone asked if it was her phone and of course she held to her ear and said “Hiiee.” Everything can be a phone and the DS is now her laptop. She sets up her office and works just like maiki. She models everything she sees, even if it was only once she will recreate it. ^_^

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