cargo bike love

Really miss riding my bicycle these days. Since I have not been going to work, I have not been riding. We have been thinking and discussing our options and it sure is a fun way to pass the time. I am glad that I have the luxury to not take this too seriously. ^_^

The first option is getting a bike trailer for my existing bicycle. They are pretty inexpensive and there are some nice ones. Option two is getting a new bike and this led me to finding fancier bikes than I imagined I would actually get. Don’t get me wrong I think that they are very worth it for a car free family like ours but still pricier. These cargo bikes posted below are from Madsen Cycles and My Dutch Bike and they are down right drool worthy. I am imagining Emma really enjoying the view from these higher seats. Option three is not buying anything and remaining happy pedestrians. I can figure out how to cycle around in my free time if it indeed exists. All are fine and good, but let’s look at the cargo bikes and dream shall we?

madsen cycles

The more that I think about it these neat cargo bikes would probably not fit into our small shed. I suppose that most folks that purchase them have a garage. A bike trailer that can attach and re-attach easily may be the only option. A boring option but if it doubles as a jogging type stroller that would be convenient. My baby is no longer small and is really looking like she will outgrow her stroller any day now. Anyone have any comments on how comfortable bike trailers are for the child?

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