My second trimester has been so much easier. I am happy not only to feel much better overall but to not be so tired all the time. I have actually been able to do fun things on the weekends again! I have been going on fun excursions and enjoying myself very much. I still tire much faster but at least I can keep up. Lately I have gone to the Japanese Tea Garden, shopping on Haight Street, Berkeley walks in the hills, Indian Rock Park, Perish Trust to try on Warby Parkers, and eating out at really fabulous restaurants.

One thought on “weekends

  1. Oh, those Berkeley Hills pics are nostalgic — I used to go through there daily (and Indian Rock Park was one of the places I liked to go during my breaks). I’m glad you’re feeling better, and even good enough to walk around in hilly areas.

    You look really cute in your ‘a little belly’ pic, although maybe part of it is that I’m excited. It’s neat to to see, since to my mind it’s like you just grew a belly over night. 🙂

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