Sunday afternoon I went on a bike ride to the Berkeley Marina and Caesar Chavez park. It was lovely but very foggy over the bay. I could not even see San Francisco or any of the bridges.
My back started hurting last weekend so this weekend I have been trying to stretch and do some low impact exercise. We bought some Flor carpet squares at CB2 and they are a perfect amount of padding for stretching on the yoga mat on the hard wood floor. I am feeling a little bit better but not back to normal yet. It doesn’t help that I continually stress my back at work, but this 3-day weekend has been nice.

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  1. Are those pictures from your bike ride? It doesn’t look foggy.
    The weather was awesome down here this weekend, and I finally got around to going up north-west (around the other lagoon) and there were a lot of fun trails to ride on. I got rather muddy though, and probably ruined my shoes. I didn’t think to bring my camera beforehand either, so two lessons for next time. 🙂

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