inspired to get things done

My last day of school was Thursday and although it’s only Monday already I am anxious to get back to work. To be doing something. Last night I began cleaning and it lasted until three in the morning. I went through all of my school things and cleaned out my backpack. I need to scan and/or photograph all of my work from printmaking and sketching for my online portfolio. Also I would like to include the work that I have done in Computer Arts, esp. logo development and web design comps.

I also feel really motivated to job hunt. After looking through the student job listings I feel like I am still not ready for a job in SF in the design world. Next year though I promise I will be up to the challenge. For now I have been thinking about serving because I enjoy it and have a lot of experience doing it. The tips also make for a better wages. I have an interview at a small cafe here in Berkeley on Wednesday. Woot! *_*

Jason mentioned taking Japanese this summer through the local community college and that also really interests me. I know that it will be a lot of work but I am in the best environment for it right now having so much support from my house mates! I already only watch anime in Japanese and read the English subtitles so I have picked up many words and phrases in the past year. I am nervously excited at the prospect. I hope that all of this energy holds up and keeps me busy. I do not like to remain idle for long!

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