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This morning Tim and I went for a walk and got coffee and bagels. Later (w/ maiki) we played quick game of Quiddler and I won again. I have just been getting really lucky and have been able to utilize all the high scoring letters I’ve been dealt. I have to admit that since I have discovered this game I have no desire to play Scrabble. Quiddler just goes so much faster and I like not having worry about how the word that I made is going to fit with everyone else’s.

Afterwards we (w/ Jason as well) all walked over to the Pacific East Mall. We went into all of the little shops and I ended up buying a Bleach tee, a cute planner and some stickers. I also had my eyes on the flower barettes that Orihime wears (in Bleach) but did not get them. Maybe next time! We picked up some groceries from 99 Ranch Market and came back to the house and made ramen. Tim and maiki are busy writing for NaNoWriMo and I am going to begin working on my next logo design.

Kimi and Justin have been out today, but I’m sure that when they return they will be down to play another big multi-player game of Magic. I love the fact that on a Saturday night my friends and I explore our creative sides and play games rather than drink lots of alcohol and act like fools—and if we do have a drink it’s not the focus. I really appreciate how much this part of my life has changed.

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  1. Yesterdays outings were pretty fun! I am totally addicted to that green tea now; I’m simply going to have to find a place close to me that carries it.

    I agree with you that it is great we can hang out and have stupid amounts of fun, without the need to drink heavily. I’m trying to put that crazy dumb lifestyle behind me too. It’s a waste of our creative brains..

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