New home, new school, new blog!

This month has been chock full of new and exciting adventures. My life has gone through many major transitions lately, including moving and starting school. I have uprooted from my Santa Cruz home and my house mates and I have moved in with even more friends and into a bigger place in Berkeley. I have yet to spend much time in it, but it does feel very “homey,” especially being surrounded by people that I both love dearly and can draw inspiration from. It brings me such a warm and fuzzy feeling. _ I am still learning the layout of my new city and where everything is. I love finding new places to eat, shop and hang out. I also really appreciate the access to the Bart and close vicinity to San Francisco.

As for my new school, I am still so excited that I am finding it hard to sleep. I am finally an art student in a big city just like I always dreamed! It took ten years to happen therefor I believe that it allows me to appreciate my education more fully. I am surrounded by creative people, most of which are way more experienced than I, and I want to learn everything that I can. I am buzzing with energy to create. My focus is Computer Arts & New Media and this semester I am taking two design classes. The first class is more technical and we are learning Adobe’s Illustrator program. I do have some experience with the program but there is still so much that I don’t know. In fact I primarily use the paintbrush tool for everything and never even touch the pen or pencil. The second class that I am taking concentrates on design theory. In my first assignment I used digital photography to demonstrate the versatility of paper clips. It was so fun!

So I have decided that it was time to graduate to my own WordPress blog and my muse helped me to work it out. I’ve been using Vox for the past year and have really enjoyed the experience of having a space to write and post pictures. With this new blog I feel more in control of the content and site and free to expand my presence with more photos, art, and ramblings.

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  1. Funny, I remember the time I wanted my own WordPress blog, it feels like ages ago. I’ve been blogging in one way or another since 2000 (wow, has it really been 7 years already?), and I’ve used pretty much any blogging app under the sun (and more than one CMS), but I like the ease of use of Vox and the community. It’s so much easier being part of a network, for interaction purposes, that is.

    I’ve still got my WordPress blog, heavily customised (don’t think there is anything I haven’t changed, even in the core itself, even though it looks rather normal, and even a tad oldskool), and I’ll definitely keep my blog around, but the excitement … well, that’s way past.

  2. I’m going to work on my own wordpress blog this weekend. I, like you, want more control of my site, as well as having archive capabilities..

    I’m happy for you that you’re “living your dream” as it were. That’s all you can hope for!

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