Becoming a technical artist

I have been keeping busy with homework and I feel like I am really learning a lot in both of my classes. I am also discovering how to be just as technical as creative. For my last Illustrator assignment I had to use my ruler to get precise measurements and enter in values for the shapes that I wanted rather than drawing them as I would have done in the past. It was a very different process for me. My instructor keeps reminding me that my beloved paintbrush tool will never be exact and is not preferred. He will draw something and then ask, ‘could you do that with the paintbrush?’ I nod my head and he laughs. ‘Nobody can draw with a mouse precisely.’ He’s right but I am stubborn enough to make it work. Besides before now it is all that I knew. Today we were introduced to the pen tool and how do draw with points and handles. It is a challenge but I am slowly getting the hang of it. For homework we have to draw three Backyardigan characters.

In my other class I am learning how to compose the perfect photograph. At this point we are conversing about the concepts of good design through the critiques of our photo assignments. The critiquing part is not as bad as I had thought it would be, although I am never sure of what my teacher will like or dislike. I guess I am still in training to achieve “the eye.” Most of my classmates are in my first class as well and we are becoming more friendly and comfortable with each other. They usually say what they like more than what they would change in other students work. I find it interesting to hear other people’s opinions of the same piece. The teacher openly admits that he can find fault in anything, even in his own work. He wants for us to continually question and improve through hearing others comments and make changes.

This past weekend I returned my digital camera- a Nikon Coolpix, and got a new one- a Canon Power Shot. I had bought the Nikon last month and was not happy with the pictures that it took. Most of them were blurry and it was really a bummer. I was really excited to have a digital camera again but so frustrated with that exact one. My new Canon was a bit cheaper actually but the photo quality is excellent. I am so happy now! The photos for my next homework assignment will be that much better now.

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