little bear collection

Emma Clover and I have finished her Little Bear collection and it is so sweet. I think that I may love it even more than she does. Some of the figures are Holztiger and were found in a few different places (Amazon, Padilly, the Ark). A few of the figures came from an Etsy seller called Hutton Road. The goblin/gnome was purchased at the Nordic House in Berkeley (also where we found the mushroom candle holder).

little bear


She uses part of her dollhouse for them now (since its two pieces) and we have blue and green fabric that she uses as well to set them up. It is always so enjoyable to listen to her conversations and play. I love it so much!


lately in photos


We walked around the lake with friends, visiting all of our favorite places from the gardens to the museum. We did a lot of walking but would stop for picnics and enjoyed such good conversation and beautiful scenery it all went by so quickly.



Clover and I went to SF with maiki to try on glasses at the new Warby Parker in Hayes Valley. I picked out a frame called Duval for myself. I think that I need to get an eye check-up to update my prescription though. We went to lunch at DeLessio’s and hung out in Flax, an art store on Market St. We made almost the same trip last June. ^_^



Clover loved all of the flat drawers of paper. This one that had embroidered elephants was our favorite.



We have made lots of BART trips to and from Berkeley lately for music class and visiting friends. Sometimes the lighting on the train is perfect for portraits of Clover.


On the fourth of July we received a surprise gift when we met the artist who paints the Oakland gnomes. It was such a treat and now Clover has a little gnome plaque of her own. ^_^

butterfly kite





First time out with our kite. I don’t know much about kites so maiki is gonna take us out and show both Emma and I how to fly it up high. Higher like a flyer. It was so fun though anyways and Em would be so filled with glee when the butterfly did get some air. And this guy was there to cheer us on.


pink blossoms by the lake



I see these trees and wonder for eleven months of the year, “who decided to plant these boring, bare trees? They don’t even have leaves.” But then I see this explosion of pink blossoms each year and rejoice at the sight. The are definitely worth the wait. I have come to embrace this celebration of life and their short season of beauty.