visiting a baby hippo

The L.A. Zoo welcomed a baby hippo last Halloween and we paid him a visit! We were glued to the adorable interactions of mama Mara and her little calf. The baby hippo nibbled on mama’s ears, climbed on her back and swam around her while we oohed and aahed. I was glad to hear Emma giggling and enjoying herself right along with us and even though we stayed for at least a half hour it was hard for us to walk away. It was an amazing experience for me and I honestly wish we could go back, and this time with a good camera. ^_^






making gingerbread houses

Emma really likes the idea of gingerbread houses. She sees them in books, made of cardboard at Whole Foods and made of actual gingerbread at bakeries, so we decided to make mini versions of them with graham crackers. Last Sunday, we invited family to get together to construct some delicious little houses.

We all contributed something to make the sugary mess that was our gingerbread village. I used a combination of peanut butter and vanilla frosting to put together our house, mostly because it tasted delicious. I had a mug of coffee and unlimited supply of graham crackers with this tasty concoction and it resulted in a big sugar/caffeine high!











making lowly worm

We went to JoAnn’s fabric store when we were in L.A. and purchased felt for our Lowly Worm project. Later that day we asked my sister Joan to help us with the sewing materials that we needed, and she graciously sewed Lowly together with her sewing machine. My niece Claire and I designed the parts of his body and Joan sewed and stuffed Lowly to life. There was a little bit of hand sewing required and it came together easily. Lowly was so fun to make, I am ready for the next felt project! ^_^


Joan had both Emma and her cat to contend with while she tried to sew Lowly together on the machine.


Here is Lowly the next morning, before the hand sewing of his smile and shoe laces.

Photo on 1-31-15 at 10.57 AM #3

We are so happy.