lately in photos

getting lots of use out of our rain gear

visit to the nature center and the bees

on a walk with maiki

clover saw her first rainbow

being silly

playing inside a lot and loving this calico critter playhouse

sharing hot peppermint chocolate at Peet’s

finding a childhood favorite of mine at the library

trees and imagination


I like to think about how Clover’s imagination works. This place that we visit must seem so vast to her. However she definitely knows her way around and spots the subtle differences in the landscape as it changes. I love how she makes up stories about everything that she sees and a hole in a tree must be Peter Rabbit’s house. Adding stories of goblin’s and such, she is not sure if she should be afraid. But she runs ahead excited at what she will find next. I am here to share in her adventures but am left to wonder about the details that she fills in while she explores her world.





Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle Hotel

This is definitely the one must see place for me if I’m ever visiting NYC. I love that it features murals of frolicking animals painted by bar namesake and former Carlyle Hotel resident Ludwig Bemelmans. My jaw dropped when I saw Anna Bond’s photo. I would order the gin gin mule: a long drink made with Gordon’s gin, Regatta ginger beer, simple syrup, muddled mint and fresh lime juice. ^_^

bemelmans bar

Oliver Jeffers dipped paintings

oliver jeffers 02

Oliver Jeffers’ recent exibition (last Wednesday) was the first in a series of performances where small groups watched as he dipped each portrait into vats of bright enamel paint. The sitters of his portraits were all linked by the experience of having witnessed personal loss close hand. Jeffers had never shared the paintings outside of his studio nor had any of them been photographed. Only the witnesses of the performance saw the transformation and had to rely on their own memories to see what had been since been covered in bright paint.

Once something is permanently gone, whether it’s someone who dies or an image destroyed, you have to rely on an imperfect memory. There is a curiosity about the lost details that can never be retrieved.

oliver jeffers 01

For me there is such beauty in the art of creating something so rich and yet not becoming attached. The finished product is completely new and fresh and speaks to me even more.

oliver jeffers 03

information found here and here with photography from the event taken by Kacy Jahanbini.

fresh air


We have all been a bit under the weather. I have this cold where I cough endlessly even through the night when I could be sleeping and getting better. Each day I have tried to take Emma outside even just for a little walk down the street to where there are trees and ladybugs to find. Fresh air and sunshine always does wonders for me too.