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introducing media to my child

The first time that Emma watched a video on my computer that was purely for her viewing it was of kids swimming on youtube before our trip to the local pool. It really helped her to see the children comfortable and happy in the water and was a great use of the medium for a one-year-old. When she loved the song and book that I shared with her called Over in the Meadow I knew there had to be a video too. We found one made by Barefoot Books videos on youtube and it was her very favorite. Then we happily showed her pandas at play, Pocoyo, Elmo, and some children songs on the computer and she loved them all. It was another view of the world and the arts and we definitely felt that it was helping and not hurting. She sang, giggled, and danced about and even began incorporating the characters and their experiences into her play.

When she began watching Little Bear I noticed that she would spout out entire scenes from the show. For a while I was exclusively referred to as Mother Bear and maiki became Sather Bear (she uses an S sound instead of F). We would be walking down the street and she would proclaim “My tooth is loose” or “I’m sick” in the exact intonation as Little Bear. And her language exploded from watching these shows. We have a lot of Richard Scarry books so I found The Busy World of Richard Scarry and its also been a favorite. She says that her name is Emily Sally Cat. Lately has she began associating with the female characters like Lucy, Emily and Sally, and they wear dresses so now so does Emma! It has been interesting and I don’t think that I would change a thing but I am always curious how different her personality would be if she had not watched so much media.

I do rely on youtube a lot for finding music to share with her as well. We love the nine-year-old opera singer Amira from Holland, Lindsey Stirling the violin player who rocks out to Phantom of the Opera as well as video game soundtracks, Pentatonix an a Capella group that is awesome at singing anything and everything. I look forward to see what interests she develops as she gets older and the music that she chooses to listen to. I play and sing her all that I love and enjoy and soon we are starting Music Together to broaden our horizons and introduce Emma to more instruments. It is an exciting thing, showing the world to a young mind but also carries so much weight. I hope that having an awareness of this helps me give a well rounded view.

walk around the lake

The other day we decided to take a walk around the lake. We had loose plans and enjoyed a slow pace.


Emma was hungry as soon as we left the house. Luckily she found a bag of dried fruit in the stroller. Its hard to keep up with this growing kid!


Snow Geese, like the fellows with their popsicle carts, are never too far away when you visit Lake Merritt.


I like to think that this is what one sees when they look through. Emma is short so she only sees the sky.

We stopped at a thrift store and bought Em a dress and me pants and a wool coat (that I tried to hand wash—story for another day). Also shopped at Lucky’s for lunch and more yeast packets to make bread!

Our picnic consisted of almond butter, rice cakes and carrots. Yum!


little chapel at Children’s Fairyland




Emma Clover loves the little chapel (Chapel of Peace) at Children’s Fairyland. It has beautiful stained glass windows and small proportions. She likes to stand at the front (the altar) and perform as she has seen many other kids do as well. Today she sang Frere Jacques. The light was quite lovely and she noticed the colorful reflections on the ground. We were excited to find the little organ open today. It doesn’t make any sound but is still fun to play.



new phone, different camera

My lovely nexus 4 was dropped enough times to break the gorilla glass. Not only do I need a good sturdy case, I need a new screen. So it is going to Texas to get fixed up. In the meantime I have a replacement. I told maiki that any phone would be just fine but I am eating my words because I have already begun complaining about the camera on this one. I really just want an awesome camera that texts and occasionally takes calls. ^_^