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Our house is full of books and we can always be found reading. maiki prefers the digital copies and Emma Clover likes the ones with pictures. I enjoy reading very much but every spare moment I am reading to Clover. Lately she has been asking me to read to her more and more often and her favorites have been the easy reader chapter books like Little Bear and Frog & Toad. In addition to lots of books we also have magnet letters and an alphabet puzzle that she plays with all the time, and now its all starting to click for her. Its such an exciting time because she is recognizing that these symbols stand for letters and numbers that one can read. We were given a Sandra Boynton board book and I read it to her a couple of times. Now she reads its aloud, and of course she memorized the words but she “reads” it in a left to right format. The other day we went to the Rose Garden and she discovered that there are plaques on the benches that are full of letters. She excitedly showed me our letters in every single one. E for Emma, M for maiki and S for Susan! On the walk home she could not help herself noticing that the world is covered with signs and letters and words to read.


magnolias in pink & white



Emma and I love to spot the “magnolahs” in our neighborhood. We saw a painter in the gardens last week painting the magnolias there and he recommended visiting the SF Botanical gardens to see beautiful magnolias there. I have never visited before but according to the SF Botanical Gardens they have the “most significant magnolia collection for conservation purposes outside China, where the majority of species grow.” Sounds like we will have to take a trip to Golden Gate Park. The really cool thing is that we could also drop into the deYoung museum as well since they are part of the reciprocal museum list and we have the membership to the Oakland Museum. ^_^